dialer scheduler problem

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dialer scheduler problem

Postby serhat » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:14 pm

Version 2.13.10 on Debian 7.0 64Bit

I'm having trouble with the campaign scheduler.
My timezone is set to Europe/Istanbul,

I have set the followings:

Europe / Istanbul

TIME_ZONE = 'Europe / Istanbul'

TIME_ZONE = 'Europe / Istanbul'
# set use of timezone true or false
USE_TZ = True
CELERY_TIMEZONE = 'Europe / Istanbul'

When I start a campaign (Start*) now, it start now.
When I start a campaign (Start*) now, and I set (Daily start time*) 1 hour after, it start right away.
So playing with the (Daily start time*), it works if I set it -3 hours later than the current time (my timezone is +3 GMT)
example : it is now 13:00, if I want the campaign to start in exactly at 14:00, I have to set (Daily start time*)=10:00:00

How can I solve this problem...?
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