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Campaign> Dialer >Timeout on call value

Postby pinhas » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:05 pm

It appears that the Timeout on call value is always 60 no matter of what is set in the campaign.
I had to change it in the file "dialer_cdr/"

gateway_timeouts = obj_callrequest.aleg_gateway.gateway_timeouts
if not gateway_timeouts:
gateway_timeouts = '60'

gateway_timeouts variable is not set.
Is it a bug or a misconfiguration somewhere else ?

Version: 2.11.4 running on a fresh install on Debian 7.0 32bit

it appears that also Frequency is not beeing picked up.
I have set a campaign with Freq=1 and 3 calls(3 entries in my phonebook) have been made withing seconds (what is shown in djcelery_error.log)
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