No calls on a fresh install

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Re: No calls on a fresh install

Postby areski » Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:11 pm

Those that have this issue must try the release v2.8.9 which include a fix for this.

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Re: No calls on a fresh install

Postby jroper » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:18 pm


This bug has been very difficult to track down, as it only appeared under certain circumstances, so to replicate it on our own test servers was a challenge (putting it mildly). A customer purchased some support from us to help him solve the issue who was experiencing the same problem described here. Once we were able to see the problem in the flesh, and after some detective work from Areski, (with, I suspect, a lot of coffee), just after 3AM last night, the issue was discovered and fixed.

This morning, we tested on both our customer's and our systems, putting through several hundred calls, and when we confirmed all was good, we released version 2.8.9, which will fix this issue.

We recommend that you upgrade to version 2.8.9, and if you encounter any problems of this nature after the upgrade, let us know.

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Re: No calls on a fresh install

Postby mlicero » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:42 pm

It's working now. They just released 2.8.9 that works excellent.
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